inspiration™ was inspired by the tragic loss of Christopher Myers, a young man who loved animals and served as a dedicated volunteer at L.I.F.E. Animal Rescue in Agoura Hills, California.

Christopher was a compassionate friend to animals his entire life. He had a particular affinity for dogs that began in early childhood with his first family dog, Max. He and Max had that special boy and his dog relationship that forever imprints paws in a young boy’s heart. There was an abundance of hugs, tail wags, howls and smiles. Later on “Jack” was adopted into the family. To this day, the big personality compacted into that small dog body of his continues to let the rest of us know who truly is in charge. Jack loved to show everyone how he learned from Christopher not only where the doggy treat cupboard was located, but how to magically open it with his paw. Watching Jack perform and entertain visitors just may have influenced Christopher’s knack for performing on stage.

Christopher was thrilled when he had the opportunity to add yet one more canine member to his pack and he selected another little dog with a big personality, Spike. It was always a treat to see the Myers’ family out on their daily walks with their canine companions. Christopher beamed with delight as his feisty little canine let anyone who got too close know that Christopher was his boy!

Just when it seemed that it would not be possible to love any dogs as much as his own, Christopher had the opportunity to be a volunteer at L.I.F.E. Animal Rescue. From the moment he set foot on the ranch, Christopher radiated compassion and had a special connection to all the dogs. What was initially intended to be a few weeks of filling in for a friend who was hospitalized, turned into three years of compassionate service. Christopher seemed to get as much if not more love as he gave to the rescue dogs each week. His enthusiasm for and connection with all of them inspired some of his teenage friends to begin volunteering with the dogs.

The founders of L.I.F.E. Animal Rescue recognized something very unique in Christopher. He was there because he truly cared about each and every dog. He was compassionate, caring and often could be seen walking one dog while holding another. His loving kindness and dedication was an inspiration. There is no doubt that for all the little paw prints Christopher carried around in his heart, there were just as many canine hearts carrying around the memory of Christopher’s kindness. This love was most certainly one of the best tools at the ranch for helping the once abandoned dogs learn to trust.

Christopher’s compassion left indelible memories in humans as well as canine hearts. He exemplified the true meaning of “HEALING AT BOTH ENDS OF THE LEASH™.” Christopher’s presence is deeply missed. However, his energy remains and continues to be a guiding force. He made a difference and serves as a great pillar of influence to

It is our honor to continue to find ways to help heal and make our communities a better place for our four-legged companions to exist as part of Christopher’s legacy. With your participation, we will make certain his legacy of service and kind spirit continues to positively impact the lives of people and animals everywhere.

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