Fur-ever They Wag!™
WhatCanWe.org™ deeply appreciates your financial support. Every donation helps further our work, aids rescues with veterinary costs, and brings us closer to our ultimate goal of building a veterinary teaching hospital. So please, give generously through a recurring pledge or a one-time donation. Your donation will help offset veterinary expenses … and help save a life.

Other Ways to help

There are many ways to support the mission of WhatCanWe.org in addition to donating. We’ve listed a few of them below. Also, please LIKE our Facebook page, visit and share our Pinterest pins, and spread our message in your newsletter, on Facebook, and when talking with friends and family.

    • Donate!
    • Volunteer – fill out our contact form so we can help you, help us
    • Sponsor a fundraising event for WhatCanWe.org.
    • Book travel through Vacations 4 A Cause and select WhatCanWe.org
    • Educate others about the benefits of adopting from rescues.
    • Become a sustaining partner.
    • Join our list of affiliates or recommend a rescue we can add.
    • Introduce us to a potential donor or partner.
    • Adopt a rescue animal.
    • Foster a rescue animal.

Everything you do matters. Together we CAN make a difference!